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Here's what you need to know about the Paws In Hand Service Dog Program...

At Paws In Hand Canine Consulting we pride ourselves in producing quality service dogs that truly help our clients. Our goal is to ensure that each canine and client get the time and attention they deserve. Our dogs are hand picked and trained for each client’s needs -Service Dogs are not a one size fits all! Along with helping people live their best lives, one of our goals is to help shelter dogs find new purpose, in saying that most of our dogs are rescues! We ask our client’s input on age, breed, sex, and size of their potential dog. When we find a candidate, we send photos and video to our clients, so that they can decide if it’s the right fit. Once we have selected a dog, we go through thorough vetting to ensure the dog is healthy and will have a quality working life. Our vets check for everything from parasites to hip dysplasia. Once a dog has been cleared by the vet, the training begins! We put more than 120 hours of training into each of our dogs. We cover everything from their basic obedience to public access and any necessary skill tasks. Training typically takes 4 to 6 months, at the end of which the placement process begins. Our placements average 2 weeks time and take place in our clients' home and area. We know that in order for our clients and their service dogs to be successful they need the opportunity to practice with their dog in their day to day lives with a trainer present. We never leave our clients high and dry and offer support for the full working lives of our service dogs.

We can provide either a digital or paper copy of our application. Once an application has been completed and submitted, we then review it and decide if the applicant is a good fit for our program. If we approve the application then we contact the listed references. After full applicant approval we discuss all necessary and desired skill tasks and provide an official quote. Our prices are all inclusive from dog acquisition to the two-week placement and any follow up work if necessary. Our Service dogs start at $7,000.00 and go up depending on the necessary skill tasks and location of our clients. We require a deposit of 30% to begin the process, and offer different payment options for the remainder, depending on our clients' needs. If the applicant wants to move forward we proceed by drafting a contract with the discussed payment arrangements. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit received, we begin the canine acquisition process!

Paws in Hand Canine Consulting also offers an Owner Train Service Dog Program for residents of the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Our Owner Train Service Dog Program is designed for the handler who wants to train their own Service Dog, but needs professional guidance. This program is customizable for all types of Service Dogs and takes place over the course of 6 months. Our Owner Train Program allows the owner to train their Service Dog to ADA standards with the help of a professional trainer. If necessary, Paws in Hand can assist you in selecting the appropriate dog for your needs.

If you have any further questions, please click HERE to contact us.

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