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What is a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)??

 PSD's are specially trained dogs who perform individually trained skill tasks to assist partners who suffer from a variety of psychiatric disabilities.  These are disabilities that are invisible and often overlooked, but can be just as disabling as a physical disability to those who are affected.  Examples include: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, etc. 

PSD's perform PHYSICAL skill tasks for their partners, are considered service animals and are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act- therefore, are granted public access.


"I have depression, and I love my dog.  He makes me feel more comfortable when I go into public.  Doesn't that make him a service dog?  Don't we qualify for public access??? "

NO!  Unless your dog is trained to perform individual skill tasks that mitigate your specific disability, THIS IS NOT A SERVICE ANIMAL.  This is considered an "Emotional Support Animal (ESA)" and is granted NO public access rights by ADA.   ESA's are only granted access to housing and travel with a proper note from a medical provider and the correct documentation.  No specialized training is required.  Paws In Hand does not provide services to those looking for ESA's.

Want to learn more about the Paws In Hand Service Dog Program? 

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