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What makes our facility and program unique?  We are simply not like any other program...  Our dogs are get constant interaction with our trainers.  Our facility is as home-like as possible, with every dog housed indoors, in a suite, with their own bed and blankets. We start the day at 7 AM, taking every dog out individually, putting them into the yard in social groups when possible, letting everyone potty, and play.  Breakfast is served at 8 AM, and with each dog being fed a personalized diet according to owner specifications.  Dogs are given more outdoor time, exercised on our treadmill if needed, and each receives individual training time.  Dogs are worked throughout the day to achieve individual goals.  Our facility has a large indoor training area, which allows us to work on off-leash training, distractions, and recalls. It also allows for exercise and training in an open environment despite the weather. Afternoon brings more outdoor time, play groups and exercise time in our climate controlled building. Dinner is served at 5 PM, and everyone is given one hour of rest after their meal.  After dinner, potty, training and play time continues.  The last potty time outdoors is at 10 PM, then everyone is tucked into bed.  

Why is this unique?  Our dogs are never left unattended in outdoor kennels.  People are always shocked to find that we have NO OUTDOOR KENNELS for our dogs.  We are proud of that, and take pride in the care that we are able to provide for the dogs who stay with us.  If they are outside, they are with us, or playing in a group in a fenced yard.  Most program dogs interact with a trainer 1-2 hours a day, then are tended by kennel staff.  Trainers don't learn the tiny habitual behaviors, eating habits, bathroom schedule, dietary, health concerns, or all of the other details that will not get overlooked in our program, and by our trainers.  Our trainers know if your dog isn't eating well, is having an "off" day, and every detail about your dog's health and requirements.  Our attention to detail and facility, will never allow your dog to have an accident in a dog run, or learn to walk through feces.  We teach a potty schedule and maintain clean suites and soft, clean bedding.  Potty areas and grass areas are cleaned throughout the day and between every group of dogs who enter the area.  We believe a clean facility is a safe facility and helps us maintain excellent health standards and infection control.  They will never sleep on dirty blankets, and they will not develop neurotic kennel behaviors that come from typical kennel enviroments.  We want to know everything about your dog- their quirks, likes, fears, favorite games... It's all important to us. We grow to know them very well through constant interaction and play during their stay.  When your dog comes home from camp, we can then help you build a positive relationship by understanding your dog's unique personality. We want dogs to leave our facility and be comfortable transitioning back into their homes.

You can rest assured that your dog's time at our training facility will be fun, safe, and productive.  We strive for excellence and complete satisfaction- from owners and their dogs.  We don't want dogs to be stressed and scared while they are with us...  They should feel as if this is their second home! 

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