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Nationwide Service Dog Placement

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 Service Dog Authorization

Obtaining a Certified Service Dog requires Doctor's Authorization. Click the link below to print your application along with the "Physician's Form" for Doctor's Authorization.

Customized Service Dogs

A Service Dog is a canine that is trained to complete skill tasks to meet your specific needs and aid with disabilities. Some types of Service Dogs that we provide are:

  • Psychiatric Service Dogs (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism)
  • Mobility Dogs
  • Wheelchair Assistance Dogs
  • Guide Dogs

Affordable Service Dogs

Extensive training impacts the cost associated with a service dog. To make obtaining a  Service Dog more affordable we offer multiple financing and payment options:

  • Up to 24 months financing
  • Down Payments as low as thirty percent
  • Multiple forms of payment accepted

Paws-In-Hand Promise

Service Dogs are not "one size fits all" product. Our Service Dogs are hand selected and trained specifically to meet the needs of each individual recipient without the wait.

  • We start dog acquisition as soon as your contract is complete- no waiting list!
  • Get the right  personality & temperament for your lifestyle

Paws In Hand Canine Consulting

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