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We offer several services to increase our ability to reach clients nationally, but also our fellow professionals, shelters and rescues.  Our consulting services range from traveling to various locations to meet with groups of clients for "Canine Clinics," to setting up "Canine Mini Clinics" for shelters or rescues to address specific behavior issues seen in those environments.    See below for more information on how we can serve you or your organization!

Canine Adoption Assistance

Are you inexperienced with dog evaluations and looking to adopt a dog to train as a future Service Dog?  Is your family looking to adopt the perfect family pet, but maybe you don't know where or how to begin the search?  We work with Service Dog handlers, families, individuals, and organizations to assist in locating the "perfect" match for your situation.  This is a service we take seriously, and we get to know our clients before selecting a dog.  Our service dog clients complete an application to allow us to better understand their needs, we interview families, tour facilities, interview staff and know exactly what you are looking for BEFORE we begin our search.  We take the legwork and confusion out of selecting the "perfect" dog by networking with shelters nationwide.  Looking for a certain breed or a dog directly from a breeder?  We can assist with that too!   We do all of the traveling, hands-on evaluations, and temperament testing needed for our clients, and complete and health related testing required if their situation calls for it (Ex: Hip/ Elbow x-rays for potential mobility dogs).  Our clients are involved every step of the way...  We want to make sure that you are successful in your goals with your new partner- we will save you time, money and the disappointment that can come from a failed adoption by setting you up for a successful future.  Service starts at $100, price varies based on location, delivery, timeline, etc.  Please call us for more information! 

Canine Clinics

Do you live in a different state and have a desire to work with our trainers?  This gives our obedience clients an opportunity to have us come to them!  Gather friends and dog people together, schedule 2-3 days, split the clinic cost among the group, and have our trainers come to you!!  We will teach both individual and group sessions over the 2-3 day period, covering topics of client interest.  These are great opportunities for people and their dogs to come together, create new friendships, bond with our pets, and have great time learning together in an affordable way!  Contact us to set up a Canine Clinic in your area!! 

Canine Mini Clinics

This program is available to shelters and rescues who need assistance in training staff and volunteers to handle animals who may be dealing with issues specific to those environments.

So often, we see dogs misinterpreted and misrepresented based on poor handling and a lack on understanding of the cause for various behaviors.  Ex: We continuously handle dogs who have been labeled as "dog aggressive," when in fact, they often lack social skills, have been isolated, and under-stimulated.  We can teach your staff to better recognize the difference between true aggression, and lack of socialization.  We can train your staff to teach dogs how to make friends, instead of fights.  Contact us to schedule a Canine Mini-Clinic for your organization! 

Adoption Classes

One of our goals is to increase retention of shelter dogs in homes after adoption.  We work with shelters to create group classes available to their adopters at no charge for their first lesson.  A basic ownership manual is provided. Lessons can be taught by our staff or yours, and we are able to work with your staff to create a curriculum.  We will train your staff to not only teach the classes, but to help troubleshoot for clients who may be running into problems.  We are available to your staff at any time if a situation arises that they are uncomfortable working through.  Our goal is to increase knowledge of your staff, the community, and adopters to not only increase retention rates, but to increase adoptions through positive feedback and successful interactions with your shelter. This can also be a segway to fundraising, as it encourages people to sign up for basic or advanced classes that you may choose to offer through your facility. We will provide a curriculum and training for those sessions upon request...  Contact us for more information on this program! 
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