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Providing Tools for Success

What We Do: Paws In Hand Canine Consulting is a personalized program that gives you the tools and leadership training needed for long-term success with your dog. Whether you need basic obedience,  problem solving with your pet, personal protection, service/therapy dog training, we will work to customize solutions that fit your needs. We teach your dog accountability and responsibility, ensuring that he will focus on you. Our program empowers owners with tools to create a situation where your dog is excited to learn from you.

What Makes Us Different: We have BIG goals! Not only does Paws In Hand aim to help people with their pets, but we aim to reduce the number of dogs being surrendered to shelters for behavioral issues. All service dogs in training come from Humane Societies, are rescues, or are from other programs working to reduce the number of dogs in shelters. We are lucky to have partnerships that allow us to evaluate and choose from hundreds of dogs across the United States when we are looking for a special dog to partner as a service animal. We offer a free training session to anyone who adopts in an effort to increase retention, and a discount on beginning puppy classes to prevent those dogs from being surrendered. 


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